Clarity is a Personal Financial Manager available with no fee for all customers within NetTeller Online Banking. Get started today by following the instructions below!
  • Select the Clarity tab in your NetTeller to get started
  • Add accounts from all of your financial institutions including checking, savings, retirement, mortgage, investment, credit card, or loan accounts
  • View all of your accounts from any financial institution in one place
  • Review and categorize all transactions
  • Create a budget and control spending habits for all accounts
  • Track your debts and calculate your payoff date and money saved
  • View your overall net worth from month to month
  • Use Clarity on your smart phone or tablet by downloading application in the app store for Apple or Android mobile devices
  • For optimal results use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari when logging into NetTeller for Clarity (NetTeller limits browser support.  You can press the "go" button in the Online Banking Center of our current website and check out the Supported Browser link)

Setup Clarity on your Mobile Device

  • First you will need to download Clarity from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.
  • Next, log into your online banking and click on the settings icon on the navigation bar.
  • Under the “Mobile Devices” tab, click on “GENERATE ACCESS CODE”.
  • Open up Clarity on your device, tap on “ENTER ACCESS CODE” and enter in your 8 digit code.
  • Tap on “BEGIN USING THE APP” once the app finishes preparing your session.
  • An alert email will be sent to you anytime a device is added or removed.