Each Debit Mastercard will receives benefits based on the type of card. Learn more in the Guide to Benefits by selecting your card type below.


  • Why does my new card contain a microchip?
    Farmers Bank & Trust is moving to chip technology because it provides more security and ease of use in other countries and is expected to become standard in the U.S.

  • Will I continue to enjoy free ATM access?
    Yes! You can use your new Farmers Bank & Trust Mastercard to make unlimited free transactions at more than 25 Farmers Bank & Trust ATMs.

  • Can I get additional cards for other family members?
    Yes, additional cards are available at no cost. To add authorized users to your account, just inquire at any branch or call 1-855-855-3268.

  • Can I get a different card design?
    Yes, you can visit a branch near you to a have a new card printed in the design you choose, for a $5 charge.

  • Can customers change their PIN?
    Yes. They can visit any of our walk in locations to do so. they may also call 800-717-4923 (when activating the card) to change their PIN.

  • Can a PIN be changed at an ATM?
    Yes, it can be change at any Farmers Bank & Trust ATM only (not ITM or outside bank).