Routing Number:


Additional Fees:

Account Activity Printout
Account Research $25.00 per hour + $2.00 per copy
Account Balancing Assistance  $20.00 per hour
Temporary Check Printing (first page free) $1.00 per page
Statement Reprint  $3.00 per statement
Statement Reprint with Check Images $8.00 per statement
Check Image Printing  $1.00 per page
Transfer by Telephone $2.00 per transfer
Photocopies $3.00 per page
Faxes  $2.00 per page
Garnishments $125.00 
Levies $75.00
Collections Incoming and Outgoing $20.00 per item
Stop Payment Orders $32.00 per order
Account Closure Fee (within 60 days of opening) $30.00
Cashier's Checks $5.00 per check
Coin Counting Free (5% for non customers)
Dormant Account Fee
(An account is dormant if for 12 months you have made no deposits or withdrawals on the account.)
$5.00 per month
Non-Sufficient Overdraft Item $32.00 per item
Non-Sufficient Return Item $32.00 per item
NSF Protection Transfer Fee $3.00 per transfer
Overdraft Items $32.00 per item
Returned Deposited Item- Special Handling $8.00 per item
Returned Deposited Items - Business $5.00 per item
Returned Mail $5.00 per piece 
Night Deposit Services

Locked Bags $35.00
Zipper Bags $3.00
Replacement Key $7.00
ATM Foreign Transaction Fees
Withdrawal with ATM or Debit Card $2.00
Transfer or Inquiry with ATM or Debit Card $1.00
Debit Mastercard Dollar Limitations 
ATM Cash Withdrawals $500.00 per day
Point of Sale Transactions $2,500.00 per day
Cumulative Dollar Limit $3,000.00 per day
Debit Mastercard Replacement $5.00 per card
Wire Transfer
Incoming $10.00
Outgoing $20.00
Foreign $40.00
Other Miscellaneous Services
CD-ROM of Check Images $5.00 per CD
Foreign Currency Order/Exchange $25.00 (per type/includes shipping)
Notary Service No Charge ($5 for non customers)
Safe Deposit Box - Drilling Fee Varies
Safe Deposit Box - Key Replacement $10.00
Non- Customer Fees
Check Cashing $10.00 per check
Cash Exchange 5% of the amount of cash to be exchanged