Investment Management Agency
An Investment Management account is a relationship where you give our Trust & Asset Management team instructions to manage your investments and other assets. You retain title to all assets in your account while we provide professional investment management. Investment management is provided based on a disciplined strategy with a custom asset allocation program in order to meet the risk tolerance and investment objective appropriate to meet your financial goals.
Custodial and Agency Accounts
Our custodial and agency services provide a full range of services to save you time while allowing you to retain complete management control of your portfolio. We provide record keeping and safekeeping services of all types of assets; collect investment income, disburse or reinvest income as directed. We also provide periodic accounting statements listing details of all transactions; and supply the information needed to prepare your income tax return.
Escrow Services
Our professional staff can assist any need to escrow balances pending settlement or distribution. Farmers Bank & Trust can act as intermediary in facilitating a 1031- exchange or reverse 1031- exchange.
IRA and ROTH Management
Traditional IRAs and ROTH IRAs are available in either a self-directed or managed capacity to meet retirement goals. A self-directed IRA allows you to direct the investment of your account into any permissible investment while a managed account gives our team the investment responsibility to meet your financial objective. We provide services to those who wish to open an IRA account, or to consolidate or rollover their tax-deferred retirement assets into an IRA.
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