Having a professional corporate trustee or executor, such as the Trust & Asset Management Division of Farmers Bank & Trust, offers many advantages over having friends or family manage your assets either during your life or upon your death.  While individuals serving as a trustee could become ill, die, go on vacation or just decide they don't want to work on the trust, when Farmers Bank acts as your trustee, you will always have someone to care for your accounts with no conflicts of interest. 

Trustees and Executors must understand laws, regulations, accounting and other important concepts related to the management of all types of assets. They must be impartial, responsive and able to act in the best interest of the beneficiary.

Our Trust & Asset Management Division has the organization, accounting and management experience to manage accounts in the manner desired.  We serve as a fiduciary as dictated by the state statute and professional standards. We put the needs of our clients as our first priority and possess a duty of loyalty to represent the best interests of the Grantor and beneficiaries in all circumstances.