MyStart Student Checking

Designed as a first checking account for students, the MyStart Student Checking account makes it easy for students to build responsible financial habits. Open online** or at your local branch!

For ages 13-20**

$20 minimum to open

No service fees

In addition:
Apply Online or visit your local branch!

**If under 18, must be opened jointly with a parent/guardian at a branch location. Must be 18 or older open account online

MyStart Savings

The Farmers Bank & Trust MyStart Savings Account is a safe and secure way for young savers to watch their money grow. We believe in empowering children to develop healthy financial habits early on, and this account is the perfect tool to achieve that! 

4.00% APY* 

For minors under the age of 18

No minimum to open or service fees

In addition:

*Annual Percentage Yield, capped at $5,000; .10% APY over $5,000. Interest rate and annual percentage yield may change. Limit one MyStart Savings Account per minor. Rates effective 8/1/23. 

Foundation Credit Card

With a manageable limit and low payment options, the Farmers Bank & Trust Foundation Credit Card can help you build or establish credit. Apply online or at your local branch!

For ages 18 and older

No credit score requirement

$750 limit

In addition:
Apply Online or visit your local branch to apply!