MyFarmers Online and Mobile Banking and Silvur are partnering together to provide you with all of Silvur’s best-in-class education and tools to validate and improve your retirement plan. We’ll help you navigate through your retirement benefits and expenses so you can make the best decisions for your retirement.

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Retirement Score & More

Calculate how long your money will last in retirement—down to the year and month. Our Social Security, Medicare, and cost of living tools let you run different scenarios to see how your choices impact your plans based on where you live, when you retire, and more.

Retirement School

Choose from over 500+ educational lessons to understand Social Security,

Medicare, and retirement taxes. Retirement School gets straight to the point with easy-to-read and concise lessons to answer all your questions. 

Personalize Your Retirement in One Place

Get answers to all your retirement questions, even the ones you might not have known to ask. From downsizing to retirement taxes, learn how to make your personalized retirement decisions in one place.

Getting Started with Retirement Simplified:

Access personalized education and tools to make decisions that will extend your retirement savings. Available in MyFarmers Online Banking and in the MyFarmers Mobile Banking app.