Mule Kick | To Us, You’re Family

After moving to Magnolia, from Taylor, Arkansas, Christy Ouei decided to use her years of experience in retail and open up her own business, Mule Kick. It’s a coffee shop, restaurant and entertainment venue located right next to Southern Arkansas University.
“I knew I had to work for the rest of forever, but I could do something that I enjoyed, and Mule Kick is a culmination of all the things I enjoy,” Ouei said.
When she needed support getting started, she said it was a natural fit for her to choose Farmers Bank & Trust. Ouei said she has always been able to use the bank as a sounding board, even when she wasn’t in need of financial services.
“When Christy told us about the opportunity she had to get started here, and she wanted us to be involved in it, we were instantly excited,” said Senior Commercial Loan Officer Jeff Whitener. “It’s brought something to town that we have not had at all and it’s really kind of melded together the college and the community.”
The city of Magnolia has embraced the unique atmosphere Mule Kick provides and the menu’s wide variety. Ouei supports Arkansas businesses by offering ice cream made by Loblolly Creamery in Little Rock, all local craft beer and coffee that is roasted in the state.
“When you look at everything we’re doing, pizza is probably the lead seller, but we also have breakfast burritos and breakfast tacos,” Ouei said. “We have breakfast pizzas, and I have a pastry chef that comes in at 5 o’clock in the morning so we have fresh pastries seven days a week.”
Farmers Bank & Trust employees and their families enjoy visiting Mule Kick and Ouei said that kind of support means the most.
“It’s not just that they’re there to take your money at the teller station or your weekly loan payment,” Ouei said. “They are authentic and stand by their slogan ‘To Us, You’re Family’ by supporting local businesses.”
The bank’s mission statement is “Friends and neighbors helping each other find financial solutions for a lifetime. We truly want that,” Whitener said. “I feel like it gives us a leg up on anybody else to be able to provide that level of relationship to our customers.”
For more information about Mule Kick, visit here.