With the increase in demand for alternative methods of payment and the escalating costs associated with check processing and other paper-based payment methods, MyFarmers Debit Card Manager offers a variety of innovative, cost-effective card services for you to choose from. Each Farmers Bank & Trust account comes with the extra security provided by MyFarmers Debit Card Manager to catch possible fraudulent transactions.

With the free MyFarmers Debit Card Manager service application, you can: 

  • Receive Text or Email Alerts:
    • Alerts for transactions over a threshold you determine
    • Alerts for internet and phone transactions
    • Alerts for transactions outside the US
    • When your debit card is used for transactions that are considered suspicious
  • Instantly:
    • Check your account balance 24/7 with your smartphone, tablet, or home computer.
    • Set a temporary card block (block/unblock card activity)
    • Send fraud alerts 24/7
    • Locate ATMs, nationwide
    • Submit and manage travel notices
      • Tap on "Manage Travel Notices" on the menu screen, follow the prompts, and provide us your travel dates and destinations
  • Protection features:
    • Block transactions over a specific dollar amount
    • Block Internet or phone transactions
    • Block transactions outside of the U.S.

Contact us immediately if you think one of your Farmers Bank & Trust accounts or services has been compromised.

Please call:
During Business Hours

After Business Hours

Be sure to know the following information:

  • Name and account number
  • When you noticed the card missing
  • If you are aware of any fraudulent use of the card